5 Wighted Pull Up 20/10 kg

“Lee “Riggers” Rigby”
For time:
22 cal row
25 squat cleans 95/65lbs (42.5/30kg)
22 Double unders
25 Burpee over bar
22 Double unders
25 Pushpress 95/65 (42.5/30kg)
22 Double unders
25 Pullups
22 cal row

Workout constructed by Dafydd Dennis

Lee Rigby, a British soldier age 25, Was wednesday afternoon May 22nd brutally murdered in the Streets of London, for absolutely no reason at all.
To honour him, all cross fitters willing to support, Will perform a memorial WOD on saturday May 25th, in each of our local cf boxes. Please spread the word and “attend” if you and your box wants to join in.
Would be amazing to see some photos of those of you participating and your results as well :)

Lee Rigby RIP

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